Our values

What values is the functioning of our holding based on?

We believe that thoughtful changes are the best way to develop. That is why we are dynamically responding to market needs and gradually expanding the scope of our activity.

We believe in the power of long-term relationships based on mutual trust. We are convinced that a real professional is not only a source of knowledge about products and services, but also a kind of guide and guardian. That is why we provide professional and comprehensive care to both individual clients and Polish and foreign partners.

We also want to build long-term relationships with our employees. That is why we provide them with wide opportunities for development and promotion, we provide the most modern equipment and comfortable conditions to perform their daily duties. We want our holding to be not only an efficient organization, but also a friendly place for ambitious and open to challenges people with various abilities and talents.

We believe that the highest quality and reliability are the best showcase in business. For this reason, we reject half measures, makeshift, and temporary solutions. Attention to the smallest details – regardless of the product or the scale of the transaction – has become our trademark many years ago.

We believe that it is worth sharing knowledge and experience with subsequent generations – that is why we have created a patronage class with an electrical technician profile. It is not only a place to educate our potential employees, but also an expression of concern for the youth of Wieluń and the desire to facilitate their entry into the labor market.

We believe that care for the environment, expressed in specific actions, is the responsibility of every responsible entrepreneur. That is why we are focusing on electromobility and promoting photovoltaics.

Management Board of Ania Holding
Elżbieta and Jacek Boguccy